WELCOME to PADit.  Your source for self-adhesive cushions and anti-skid products commonly known as bumpers.  There's no need for drilling holes or adding fasteners.  Self-adhesive bumpers save time and money in the manufacturing process.


We don't believe in the "one size fits all" philosophy maintained by some in the industry.  Bumpers have a wide range of applications.  Some materials are better suited to a particular situation than others.  The PADit product line is the only one to offer both polyurethane AND PVC materials, providing the best fit for each application.


At nominal hardness of 55 to 65 Shore A, PADit standard bumpers are the softest standard in the industry.  Softer bumpers are more difficult to produce, but they provide greater ability to cushion and compress.  In other words, they provide more of the entire reason you want a bumper!  Competitors may offer equal or lower hardness at price premium.  PADit products generally offer lower hardness at less cost.



"Kiss cut" for easy application, they peel off the paper backing and stick onto almost any smooth surface.  There is no marring or staining, they're skid and scratch resistant, and they won't harden or crack.  They can be used as spacers, feet, cushions, protectors, and vibration or shock absorbers.  They can be used to eliminate that nasty rattle due to tolerance stack-up in mechanical assemblies.

Proudly manufactured in USA

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Bumpers are often used to cushion glass or wood doors or drawers.  They're used for small appliances, desktop office equipment, furniture, housewares, point-of-purchase displays, and the back of pictures, portraits, and hanging maps.


Bumper adhesives are designed to bond to aluminum, ceramic, formica, glass, wood, painted surfaces, most plastics, rigid vinyl, steel, and many other surfaces.

PADit products are sold exclusively to distributors and manufacturers worldwide.  We don't do credit cards or quantities less than one carton, but many of our distributors do.    If you need only a small quantity, call us today at 630-628-0777 or click on the Contact tab for the name of the distributor nearest you.

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